Resistance Bands

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More than meets the eye.

To the untrained eye, resistance bands just look like a strip of rubber. Don’t be fooled, this rubber strip could be the exact tool that you need to prevent injuries from exercise. There’s a plethora of advantages to using resistance bands, from improving your posture and strength, to increasing mobility. This makes resistance bands ideal for helping reduce the chance of injury.

One of the main benefits of using a resistance band is that it tightens and tones your core. Having a strong core is also very important in injury prevention. A weak core can put pressure on other areas of your body, which usually leads to sprains or worse injuries. No matter how fit or delicate you are, fitness bands are safe for everyone. 

Why are resistance bands a good option for preventing injuries? 

Resistance bands can replace many strength exercises, such as deadlifts and bench presses. However, while these exercises build strength, the amount of weights that people use can be unforgiving to the body. You can risk a ruptured tendon, torn meniscus, or something worse if you were to make a small error.

Resistance bands are quite the opposite. If you are dealing with an injury, overloading your body is a big no-go, especially for your muscles and tendons surrounding the injured area. This is where resistance bands come in handy. You can adjust exercises to target isolated muscles, without putting strain on other parts of the body. With traditional training, you can’t target specific muscles, which is something that each of us should be doing more frequently. 

Don’t be deterred by the term “body weight” movements, as most of us are. Body weight movements with a resistance band help target our smaller muscles that we typically overlook. Neglecting our smaller muscles results in weakness and injury. Resistance bands are perfect for strengthening and stretching isolated muscles. 

The key takeaways: 

The most vital part of exercising is maintaining control, rather than momentum to push you out of your comfort zone. Using resistance bands is the best way to do this, while keeping your muscles engaged. Prevention is much better than curing and resistance bands might just be the answer you’re looking for!

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