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Give your pets what they really want.

Hydration is key to any form of life, especially when it comes to our pets. So making sure they have a source of water is important. A popular product on the market now is the pet water fountain. But what exactly is it? 

A pet water fountain is a bowl that provides a constant flow of fresh, filtered water for your pets so they can stay hydrated in a way that they enjoy. The water fountains contain filters inside that ensure the water is always clean and safe. 

Here’s how a pet water fountain makes hydration a highlight of our pets’ days!

  1. Running Water is Natural 

There’s no doubt that animals love running water. Have you ever seen a dog playing with a sprinkler or a cat drinking from a tap? Our furry friends find moving water captivating and pet water fountains ignite their natural instincts to drink from rivers and streams. Having a source of running water in the house will surely grasp their attention and provide fresh water throughout the entire day. 

  1. Improves Taste and Smell 

Dogs and cats have an impeccable sense of smell – far superior to humans. There are chemicals in tap water that can be quite smelly to our pet pals, yet undetected by us. Depending on where in the world you live, sometimes you can’t even drink the tap water. If we can’t drink it, why would we give it to our pets? The chemicals found in tap water give off a certain unpleasant smell which animal noses pick up almost immediately. Pet water fountains include filters that remove impurities in water, thus improving the taste. This will encourage our animals to drink more and stay hydrated. 

  1. Keeping Things Cool 

Pet water fountains can keep water colder than a traditional water bowl. This is because the water is constantly flowing rather than sitting stagnant. By keeping water cool, flowing and full of oxygen, your best buddy will have no problem savoring a sip. 

The hottest days of the year are usually when our four-legged friends become hydrated the most. The cool water provided by pet water fountains will coax them to hydration and save you arduous vet visits in the future. Regular water intake aids in digestion and helps to flush out toxins that build up inside the body. 

  1. Saving Time 

Pet water fountains can hold multiple liters of water. Depending on your pet’s size and diet determines the amount of water intake they need. By offering a constant flow of water, your pet will never go thirsty. This also saves you time as you won’t have to refill the bowl every ten minutes! 

  1. More Hygienic Than a Water Bowl 

Constant circulation of water stops any nasty and unwanted build-ups, which keeps the water clean and fresh. Honestly, stagnant water can get really nasty, especially in the heat! The filters in pet water fountains trap dirt, hair, and toxins. Owners understand all too well how much dogs and cats SHED. By introducing a filtered fountain to your pet’s life, they can now drink water without that extra serving of fur! 

If you think you’re ready to change your pet’s life for the better, check out the Pet Water Fountain and replaceable filters by Veken today! Your furry friends will thank you. 

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