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Pet Water Fountain & Pet Nail Grinder Pet Combo | Loomla

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Brand: Loomla


  • Premium Quality – The dog and cat water fountain is made out of premium BPA-free plastic, which is 100% safe material. Cat and dog water bowl dispenser will withstand everyday use for years without any scratches or corrosion. High-quality construction means that this pet water fountain won’t break after a while, and will become an integral part of your home. You and your pet will love our cat and dog water fountain.
  • Always Clean & Fresh Water – Don't let your pets go thirsty! Our pet fountain is a great way to keep your furry friends hydrated. The dog and cat water dispenser ensures that no matter how busy you might be, they'll always have clean and fresh water to drink. The cat and dog water dispenser filter uses multiple purification systems, it purifies the water using carbon non-woven fabric and ion exchange resin. 2 exchange filters are included with the dog and cat supplies water fountain.
  • Professional Pet Nail Grinder – Quiet and versatile this advanced grooming tool for small to medium-sized pets helps you trim and grind nails quickly and comfortably without damaging wicks or cutting nails too short.
  • Dual-Speed: Low & High Modes – Includes two different speed modes of Low and High. Allow your pet to ease into the grinding with the low-speed mode. Switch to the high-speed mode for especially sharp or rough nails.
  • Wireless with Rechargeable Long-Lasting Battery – Fitted with a large-capacity 2000mAh battery this dog nail grinder for small dogs, medium cats, and all pets in between lasts longer and provides stronger, more sustainable grinding with heavier-duty gear. Each nail grinder includes a USB charge with a Type-C cable and provides up to 6 hours (20 times) of regular grinder use after only 3 hours of charge. That’s perfect for professional groomers or pet owners looking to do it comfortably at home.

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